Gauthier Fabricating, Inc., also known as Gauthier Sheet Metal, is a family-owned shop originally established as a heating and ventilation contractor in 1974 by brothers Louis and Sylvester Gauthier. With the passing of Sylvester in 2001, Christopher Gauthier joined the firm.

Over the years, the shop has evolved as a steel fabricator, with a plant on Broad Street in Utica, consisting of 33,000 square feet of floor space.

Gauthier Fabricators is capable of shearing steel plate up to 3/4” thick by 10’ wide, bending and rolling steel plate to 1” thick, bending and rolling pipe, channels and beams. We also have a computer controlled torch table capable of cutting steel to 6” thick and a stateof-the-art computer controlled plasma cutting system. Our trucks are fully equipped for welding and light capabilities.

Gauthier Fabricating, Inc. projects have included a large stainless steel sculpture for Belfast Northern Ireland, the large watering can at the Utica Zoo, fabrication of the frame for reconstruction of TWA Flight 800 aircraft crash, custom heat exchangers for the F.X. Matt Brewery’s brew kettle, the copper dome for Saint Volodymyr Ukranian Church in Utica, the steel flag on John Street in Utica, and various rolled angles and beams for the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. We have also done many tanks, bull dozer blades and buckets and structural steel for local and area contractors.

In 2009, we will be observing our 35th anniversary. As always, the objective at Gauthier Fabricating, Inc. is to serve our present and new customers with reasonable quotes and quality service.

GAUTHIER FABRICATING, INC. | 1201 Broad Street, Utica NY 13503 | Phone: (315) 724-0349 |